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Phoenix as a dream


Add a new hero Phoenix As a Dream. for towner.







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Phoenix as a dream


Name Image Level Attack Defense Damage Speed HitPoints Growth AiValue
Hot Flame Element 5 14 11 12 - 15 10 50 3 673
Golden Sun Element 6 16 15 15 - 20 12 80 2 1015


Name Description Schools Image
Summon Phoenix {Basic Summon Phoenix}

Basic Summon Phoenix allow hero to summon firebird during the battle, it will be kept in army after battle.
Lesser Summon Phoenix {Basic Lesser Summon Phoenix}

Basic Lesser Summon Phoenix allow hero to summon firebird during the battle, which does not remain after battle.


Name Description Slot Image
Phoenix's Staff {Phoenix's Staff}

Gives 3 attack, 3 defence, 3 morale and 3 luck to hero, increases 15% health, 15% damage, 1 extra health, 1 extra damage and 3 speed to all armies. If hero has learned Phoenix's Bless, Phoenix's Staff can summon a phoenix creature depending on the level of Phoenix's Bless skill after win a battle.
Phoenix's Spell Book {Phoenix's Spell Book}

The Phoenix's Spell Book records such powerful magics which Phoenix As A Dream likes: Chain Lightning, Meteor Shower, Resurrection, Town Portal, Prayer, Armageddon, Berserk, Dimension Door, Fly, implosion and (Lesser) Summon Phoenix.
Phoenix's Badge {Phoenix's Badge}

Give extra 20% rebirth ability (can not exceed 100%) to all the armies and allow hero to upgrage golden sun element to firebird.
VCMI Enhancement Shield {VCMI Enhancement Shield}

The VCMI Enhancement Shield cast all shield magic (shield, air shield, fire shield, protect air, protect fire, protect water, protect earth, magic mirror and stone skin) in expert level to all the armies before battle. If hero has learned Phoenix's Bless, all phoenix creatures will gain soul steal.
Reprogramming Chip {Reprogramming Chip}

The Reprogramming Chip can enhance golem creatures (adding powerful skills, reduceing damages and increasing speed). If hero has learned Phoenix's Bless, all flame creatures can be turned back to related golem creatures, all golem creatures are immunity to negative fire spells, and golem creatures can be upgraded step by step without their buildings.


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Phoenix As a Dream Phoenix As a Dream does not originate from the continent of Antagarich, and his origins are largely unknown to the outside world. After touring Antagarich, he decided to join Bracada to help maintain the continent's balance. He is not affiliated with any of Bracada's factions; instead, all factions hold him in high esteem. It is said that his power is great enough to sweep across the entire Bracada and even Antagarich. However, he has no interest in power and intentionally conceals most of his abilities. Nonetheless, if the artifacts he hid during his previous tours are returned to him, he is willing to unlock a portion of his power. male Flame creatures

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