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Big update before 2023!

Three months passed since our previous release and we observed many downloads and quite big interest to the project from the community. We want to say thank you for that and willing for more! Such support really motivates us, thus we were able to increase our efforts towards new features and would like to share with you one more big update this year.

iOS support

VCMI supports one more platform! Now you can play heroes on your iPad or iPhone and it’ll have all game mechanics, including mods. Installation is not so simple as it could be using the official AppStore but it’s definitely worth to make several simple steps from this instruction and it will be easier than expected!

Online multiplayer

We have overcome most of challenges on a way to multiplayer so it’s finally possible to play VCMI with your friends or with random people at Windows, macOS, Linux or iOS. You can play over local network or use lobby mode from Launcher to play over internet.

Map editor

Map editor for VCMI was rewritten in order to be cross-platform (currently works on Windows, macOS and Linux) and support mods. Map editor is included into installation package so everyone can create and share their own scenarios.

Game engine

We continue investing into the game stability, tons of bugs were addressed, but don’t forget to report about problem if it appears. Version 1.1 has many aesthetics improvements, among them long-awaited ray shooting, tower icons, fixes for battle effects. Music isn’t playing from the beginning while switching active screen and you can listen to the legendary soundtracks in the same way as in original game. Worth to mention that performance of random map generation got severe boost as well.

Please note that save games from v1.0 are incompatible with v1.1!

Artificial intelligence

Nullkiller AI in combination with Battle AI is not only more stable but also gets smarter on the battlefield. Enemy hero may consider winning chances as poor and prefer to escape.

And many others

Update is not limited to highlighted improvements, almost every game aspect has undergone some changes, the detailed backlog is on the release page. Of course, new features and the game in common are still not in ideal state but we want people enjoy them and our team will continue doing the best we can. In turn, we are looking forward for feedback or even better contribution into this wonderful project from anyone!

VCMI team wishes you happy New Year and will meet in 2023!