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Another major release just came out. As promised, this time we focused on multiplayer and quality-of-life features that make VCMI more accessible to new players and well as HoMM veterans. It’s not only about fixing bugs, but also cleaning up some unintuitive menus, options and descriptions to match player expectations.

Simultaneous Turns

Long-awaited and challenging feature, which is also a key to wider adoption by PvP community. Few different modes are possible along with customizable turn timers.

Improved GUI widgets

Large spellbook, hero selection dialog, more tooltips in adventure map, folders in map / save browser and more.

Savegame compatibility with different mods

Many users complained that saved games require exactly the same mod configuration to load, which was confusing and sometimes buggy. We listened, and made it more convenient, with less requirements.

Loading Screen, Ending Screen, High Scores

They are all functional just as in OH3 and make the game flow more natural. Now you’ll be able to enter your name to high scores after winning the game. Also, campaigns will be correctly marked as complete and will stay locked until preceding campaigns are finished.

Tutorial for mobile GUI

Since it’s very different than desktop version, many players didn’t know or understand all touch controls, gestures and menu. Now there’s an introductory tutorial which walks new players through all the features mobile GUI has to offer. A few new options are here as well.

Map Editor

Editor now allows to customize various object properties in Inspector. We hope this makes creating maps with fresh VCMI content way easier.

And much more

Subtle tweaks to battle and adventure AI, Random Map Generator and mod system gradually make the game experience better. If that’s still not enough for you, see full changelog

VCMI audience is growing, and we don’t stop. There are tons of features requested by everyone and we have hands full of work.