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New Old Heroes


New heroes based on old 3DO artwork and other game appearances. Requires Horn of the Abyss.







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New Old Heroes


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Gwenneth Gwenneth was once a handmaiden to Queen Catherine Ironfist herself, but as Catherine went to war, Gwenneth found herself wrapped up in clerical studies. She became incredibly learned and is keen on sharing her newfound knowledge. female Scholar
Balindar Balindar was the first in Bracada to test the Enrothean technology of using the best steel armor to create statues slated for animation, rather than regular rock, ore, or even precious metals. The rigid-minded golem-building academicians did not welcome this innovation, so Balindar's works, although far superior to their prototypes, still bear the experimental status. male Steel Golems
Nicolas King Nicolas Gryphonheart was poisoned by Lord Haart and resurrected by the Necromancers of Deyja in an attempt to take over Erathia. While a Lich, he killed King Finneas Vilmar and assumed the Deyjan throne. During the conclusion of Restoration of Erathia, Catherine left him to kill Lord Haart before finally killing the Lich-King herself, freeing her father's spirit so he may finally be at peace. male Morale
Kastore Kastore is an Elven sorcerer from the world of Terra. His early plans focused on locating the mythical Ancients, but were later abandoned due to the lack of success. As the king of Deyja, the bulk of his new plans consisted of the renaissance of the Heavenly Forge, though his schemes ultimately failed. male Sorcery
Kydoimos male Devils
Athe female Efreet
Miseria female Demons
Areshrak male Lizardmen
Pactal male Wyverns
Zog male Ogres