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River Format


"newRiver" :
    // Two-letters unique indentifier for this river. Used in map format
    "shortIdentifier" : "mr",

    // Human-readable name of the river
    "text" : "My Road",

    // Name of file with river graphics
    "tilesFilename" : "myRiver.def"

    // Name of file with river delta graphics
    // TODO: describe how exactly to use this tricky field
    "delta" : "",

    // If defined, river will be animated using palette color cycling effect
    // Game will cycle "length" colors starting from "start" (zero-based index) on each animation update every 180ms
    // Color numbering uses palette color indexes, as seen in image editor
    // Note that some tools for working with .def files may reorder palette. 
    // To avoid this, it is possible to use json with indexed png images instead of def files
    "paletteAnimation" : [
        { "start" : 10, "length" : 5 },