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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 24th December, 2022


  • VCMI team - a community of VCMI developers, mod makers and testers. It is not some officially registered organization.
  • VCMI app - an application provided by VCMI team.

Single player

VCMI team does not collect any data produced by VCMI app. All game files, logs, saves, mods are stored in app's internal directory and will be removed upon app uninstallation. It should be possible to backup this data by standard ways provided by your device.


If you decide to play with other users via Internet there are two roles. The host is the one who provides the game server. The clients are the other players who connect to the host. The host provides to the client its IP address in order to establish connections. The clients and the host during the gameplay exchange their usernames, messages and other game activity. All this data is collected and stored by the host. VCMI team does not collect and store any multiplayer data.