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VCMI 1.5.0 released

A new major release has been published. VCMI 1.5.0 sees the light of day. The main focus this time was on the online lobby. But also many other features were integrated and many bugs were fixed.

VCMI 1.4.0 released

Another major release just came out. As promised, this time we focused on multiplayer and quality-of-life features that make VCMI more accessible to new players and well as HoMM veterans. It’s not only about fixing bugs, but also cleaning up some unintuitive menus, options and descriptions to match player expectations.

VCMI 1.3.0 released

VCMI project doesn't stop! In release 1.3 we focused on player feedback and user experience. This includes quality-of-life GUI improvements and fixing issues that could spoil the look and feel of beloved Heroes game.

VCMI 1.2.0 released

Biggest update yet!

VCMI project is gaining momentum recently. Thanks to extraordinary activity of developers and supporting community we are able to present you the biggest release yet, containing tons of new features as well as bug fixes. This time we definitely focused on user experience, trying to polish all the features and rectify the issues encountered in the past.

VCMI 1.1.0 released

Big update before 2023!

Three months passed since our previous release and we observed many downloads and quite big interest to the project from the community. We want to say thank you for that and willing for more! Such support really motivates us, thus we were able to increase our efforts towards new features and would like to share with you one more big update this year.

News from September 2017

New website, forum and more

The VCMI project now has a modern, static website using Hugo as generator. Everybody is welcome to contribute on GitHub. Links are provided for all of our social networks, so check them out and follow if you want to be notified when the next stable version is released.

Many thanks to DigitalOcean for providing us with servers for the new Discourse forum that replaces phpBB2. Discourse is a modern forum software that provides many useful features and looks much better on mobile devices. We’ve also implemented single-sign-on; once you’ve registered on Discourse, you can login on the wiki and bug tracker with single click.

VCMI 0.99 released

We're back with new major release!

A lot of work has been done to ensure game stability. A number of "impossible" crash bugs were tracked down and fixed. This opens up chance for better multiplayer support in the future. RMG has undergone huge improvement, it is now not only closely resembling OH3, but also works much faster. Bonus is about 150 random map templates ported from original game and fan favourites. Pretty much every aspect has been improved. Pay close attention to spells and cheat codes. Flying spells and artifacts have been restored as well as ability icons in Creature Window. Over 1400 commits were done since previous release 0.98, which means something.