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Neutral Heroes


Mod creates neutral heroes class called Drifter. Drifter can be hired in Tavers, but can't chosen as starting heroes.




Neutral Heroes


Name Image Level Attack Defense Damage Speed HitPoints Growth AiValue
Scout 0 5 5 6 - 12 4 40 1 1021


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Kharnus Kharnus has always been an admirer of the human cavaliers, even when fighting against them. He found these noble knights so inspirational he studied them for years, and then trained his cadre of Boar riders to great degree. Now his Boar Brigade is a match for any cavalry unit they take on, and has earned the grudging respect of many a general. male Boars/Wood/Ore
Ernest Ernest has long been a well respected member of the community. When troubles and war arise, Ernest is usually the first to step up and organize the peasantry to defend their homes, organizing them into a force that would make any general proud. male Peasants/Gold
Melfis Melfis was taken into the Thieves' Guild when his family was killed by a Magog attack of their village. As such he trained hard in the guild, becoming one of the most skilled of rogues, and rising through the chain of command, always keeping in mind his hatred of the Gog and Magog kind, always knowing he would one day hunt down and destroy the tribe that slaughtered his family. male Rogues/Gold
Orma Leader of the halfling's community, Orma is beloved by her peoples. In combat she is fearless and wise, and it is said she can hurl energy stones with the accuracy of the strongest Magic Arrow spell. female Halflings/Magic Arrow
Oshmar Oshmar is one of the strongest, most powerful trolls in the land, and an inspiration to his fellow kin. Most other races would also agree he is one of the ugliest trolls, a fact he takes with great pride. male Trolls/Cure
Romires Romires is a skilled equestrian with few rivals. His skills on horseback are so renowned that his tribe follows him with unswerving loyalty, calling themselves the 'Knights of Romires'. male Nomads/Gems
Xanthus Xanthus rose to power during the wrath of the gods, quickly becoming known as the 'Lord of Golems' for his ability to lead his fellows in battle with almost supernatural ability, summoning many of his troops seemingly from thin air. male Golems/Gold
Zarantiri Zarantiri is a powerful mummy, who is said to have been chosen by the gods themselves to wreak havoc and be an agent of chaos. Zarantiri seems to have been blessed with the ability to strengthen other mummies in her command, and to curse her enemies with powerful curses. female Mummies/Curse

HotA Neutral Heroes


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Azirus Azirus is a strong and noble satyr, whose music seems not to sooth the savage beast, but to in fact bring out the savage fighting skills of his fellow satyr-kind. male Satyrs/Resource
Oukranos Oukranos is a mezmerizing leader, who commands unwavering loyalty from his Fangarm troops. Though some say he enslaves the will of his Fangarms, they will insist they follow him of their own free will. male Fangarms/Hipnotize
Godfrey Fortune has always been associated with the Leprekauns since birth. Every few years a Leprekaun is born blessed with exceptional happiness. Godfrey himself does not fully know why his kin in his presence can be reborn from the ashes like Phoenixes. He explains it with... a Fortune! male Leprechaun/Crystals
Amron Usually, Steel Golems live alone in experimental shops. Amron often visits these places, if only to oil them. This makes Steel Golems under his command are even more dangerous. male Steel Golems/Ore

WoG Neutral Heroes


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Cristian Cristian is known as the 'General of Fire and Ice'. It is said his command of Sharpshooters are as at home in the freezing cold as they are in the firey volcanic lands. male Arctic Sharpshooters/Mercury
Cyrilla Priestess of the Sylvan Centaurs, Cyrilla is said to be able to draw from the magical strength of her enemies to strenghten her own troops, using her enemies magical prowess against them. female Sylvan Centaurs/Lightning Bolt
Dankan Once a great leader of the Nomad nation, Dankan and his fellow Nomads fell in a great war, ambushed by elves and their War Unicorns. It is said his will was so strong to win that he returned to life as a revenant spirit, his nomadic tribe rising with him, their horses turned to Nightmares. male Nightmares/Sulfur
Hegnaar So in tune with Hell Steeds is Hegnaar, it is believed he was once a Hell Steed himself in a past life. He is said to have a raging and firey spirit that is so hot and strong he must release his anger in roars of firey rage. male Hell Steeds/Fire Wall
Morgana Morgana is a sorceress of great power. It is said she was born within one of the world's strongest leylines, absorbing its powers and becoming in tune with it. She is said to be able to control the flow of magic in battle, easing the flow to her allies, and stemming the flow to her enemies. female Sorceress/Mana regeneration
Rossa Rossa was once one of the most beautiful queens in all the land. Even if death she is said to be hauntingly beautiful, with a beauty so enthralling the spirits of her dead troops rise and continue to follow her. female Ghosts/Mercury
Sergiush Sergiush is said to be one of the most single-minded and fervent leaders ever to walk the lands. He is said to never accept defeat, and to be so strong willed as to even cause death itself to step back from its claims on his armies, returning portions of his troops back to him after death. male War Zealots/Precision
Shrin Shrin is the creature that parents tell their children about to scare them into behaving throughout the year. He and his fellow gremlins are said to have destroyed many a kingdom with their wily antics. male Santa Gremlins/Gold
Rashnar Rashnar the wolflord is said to be the fiercest, most feared werewolf in all the land, and he is definitively the alpha wolf of any pack in his command. male Werewolves/Crystal
Sherkan Known by most as the 'Living Darkness', Sherkan is one of the most feared Gorynyches to ever walk the lands. Wherever Sherkan is, Darkness is known to follow. male Gorynyches/Darkness
Unrish Unrish is known as the 'Harbinger of Doom'. It is known throughout the land that when Unrish is sent to deliver a message, that message is usually followed by the destruction of his intended recipients. female Messengers/Gems