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Mod Type Description Version Translations
VCMI extras Graphical Extra mods to enable core VCMI functionality 3.5.3
Horn of the Abyss Expansion Work-in-progress VCMI port of Horn of the Abyss expansion made by Hota Crew 1.6.44 chinese, czech, german, polish, ukrainian, spanish
In The Wake of Gods Expansion Unofficial addon for Heroes of Might and Magic III 9.1.13 chinese, german, polish, spanish
Tides of War Expansion In every nine standard H3 town, you have oppurtunity to build one dwelling for altenative creature. 1.0.14 chinese, german, polish, spanish
Courtyard town Town New faction based on alchemy-baroque climax 1.11 chinese, german, polish
Neutral Heroes Heroes Mod creates neutral heroes class called Drifter. Drifter can be hired in Tavers, but can't chosen as starting heroes. 1.12 german, chinese
Asylum Town Town Asylum Town remade from Ben in Apr. 2023 2.08 chinese, german, polish
Highlands Town Town New town made by Turbanellos. New townscreen. 2.03 german, chinese
Pavilion Town Town Modified and balanced version of the 'Bastion Town' ported to VCMI by edeksumo with help of Acid Cave modding community, originally conceptualised and created by New Town Group. 2.9.56 french, german, polish, chinese
Cathedral Town Town Cathedral Town is a mod which recreated by Ben Yan 1.1.4 french, chinese, german, polish
Death Valley Town Necro town 1.41 chinese, german, polish
Reworked Commanders Creatures Reworked commanders for original factions. Loosely based on abilities and design of WoG commanders. 1.21
Andruids Expansion Mods Expansion Various modifications expanding Heroes III mechanics and elements. New creatures, skills, spells, objects and mechanics. 0.8.4 chinese
tok | Extras Creatures New classes, heroes & graphics improvements 1.0.3 chinese
Elemental Nodes Objects Magic nodes boost the spell damage of a visitng hero permanently.

Ported from TEW IV map by Salamandre
1.0.3 chinese
German translation Translation German translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.9.8
Spanish translation Translation Spanish translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Korean translation Translation Korean translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.2
Italian translation Translation Italian translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.2
Czech translation Translation Czech translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Finnish translation Translation Finnish translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Portuguese (brazilian) translation Translation Portuguese (brazilian) translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Swedish translation Translation Swedish translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.0
Turkish translation Translation Turkish translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.0
Hungarian translation Translation Hungarian translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Chinese translation Translation 来自《魔法门之英雄无敌III:完整版》(Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete)的中文翻译。 1.0.3
French translation Translation French translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.2
Vietnamese translation Translation Vietnamese translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Polish translation Translation Polish translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.0.1
Ukrainian translation Translation Ukrainian translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.4
English translation Translation English translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.3.1
Forge town Town New town made by Mod Design Team as part of The Heavenly Forge addon 2.2.7 chinese, german, polish
Adventure AI trace Test Configures console log for extensive adventure AI debug info 1.0
MacOS demo assets support Other With this mod enabled you can play using game data extracted from Heroes 3: Complete demo for Mac. All towns and creatures missing will be disabled, but be aware that most custom maps depend on them. 0.1
VCMI maps for AI testing Test Following maps can be used for automatic testing of VCAI or any other adventure AI implementation in VCMI. Check file for detailed documentation. 1.0.0
Campaign Heroes Heroes All 20 campaign heroes are now available in random maps 1.16 german, chinese
Axolotl Creatures Pack Creatures Axolotl creatures pack by Gilu. Mods adds 43 creatures). 1.3.1 chinese, german
Tarnum is back! Heroes Playable Tarnum in all his previous incarnations (Knight, Ranger, Barbarian, Wizard, Beastmaster and Overlord) as well as 3 new ones (Death Knight, Demoniac and Planeswalker). Most of the graphics are exported from Heroes Chronicles, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete or Horn of the Abyss. Also there are some new Tarnum incarantions for new mod towns. Check them yourself 1.1.6 german, chinese
Magic Fader Skills New secondary skill: Magic Fader. Partially blocks casting spells by enemy hero. 1.00 chinese
Grove town (Trith edition) Town New town made by New Grove Team & Trith 1.25 chinese, german, polish
Combine Grail Artifacts Grail as combined artifact 1.4 chinese
Fairy town Town New town made by New fairy Team, updated by Turbanellos in 2022. 2.4 chinese, german
Haven Town Haven Town 1.28 chinese, german, polish
tok | Ruins town Town Ruins town

Mod done with much affection, enjoy. I await your feedback.

More info at

Open manual.pdf file inside mod directory
2.0.9 german, chinese, polish
H3 Themes Interface Game screens from all HoMM3 parts: RoE, AB, SoD, HotA 1.4
Creatures' Hidden Potential Mechanics Mod adding various bonuses for creatures, to make use of their unused animations, with as slight impact to game's balance as possible 0.5.1
Tartarus Town Town Tartarus is a town for ice demons, released in January 2022. This town is released with the dedicated map 'People mostly dies in winter'. 1.37 chinese, german, polish
Preserve Town Town New town made by Turbanellos, The Forgotten Fields, avatar, acidchalk 1.2.3 chinese, german
Abyss town Town Abyss town 0.97 chinese, french, german
Retreat Town Retreat Town ported from vcmi 0.5.3 chinese, french, german
Cetatea Town Town in Romanian Style 2.21 chinese, german, polish
LostSouls Creatures Mod adds one new neutral creature - Lost Soul 0.1.3 chinese
Carpet Whisperers Creatures New neutral unit. 1.0.0 chinese
Kurek Creatures Creatures New neutral units with dwellings. 1.03 chinese
Undead Sphinxes Creatures Two new neutral creatures: Haunted Sphinx and Undead Sphinx. 1.03 chinese
New Magic Balance Spells Modifications of Heroes 3 spells system. 1.0
New Old Spells+ Spells 9 spells from other HoMM games 0.9.8 chinese, german, polish
Portraits Packs Graphical Portaits packs for standard HoMM3 heroes 1.2
Heroes III Orchestra Music Orchestral tracks of Heroes III towns and combat, arranged by Heroes Orchestra 1.0
Russian translation Translation Russian translation of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition 1.3.0
New-style Interface Interface Mod changes many of standard H3 interface graphics. 1.5
High-res Menu Interface High resolution main menu pack created by Dru for VCMI 1.11
Greenhouse Town Greenhouse - Town of Vegetables and Fruits. 0.2.2 german
Sand Tower Graphical Sand Tower based on mod by totkotoriy, crated by J. M. Sower 1.1
Autumn Rampart Graphical Alternative, darker Rampart 0.93
Another Rampart Graphical Another Rampart mod for ERA II ported to VCMI. New internal Rampart look. 1.1
Red Castle Graphical Tired of blue colour in Castle? What's about some red? 1.1
LotRD townscreens Graphical Ten townscreens ported from LotRD mod 1.0
Ghost Necropolis Graphical Ghost Necropolis 1.0
Quartz Graphical HoMM3 towns in the mirror 1.0
Snow in Tower Graphical Additional animation that changes the weather in the Tower town screen 0.5
Snow Castle Graphical Changes Castle internal look and adds snow. Lots of snow! 1.1
Boost AI AI Rebalances difficulty system giving AI more advantages. Provides few options for boosting, you can control by enabling/disabling submods 0.4
An's Expansion Expansion Rebalances skills, heroes, creatures, etc. 3.3.5
Refugee Town Town Refugee Town is a new town created by Yuya that takes its inspiration from WoG's Neutral Town and Heroes3's Refugee Camp. The common point of its creatures is their nonbelonging to the other factions. Thus, this castle sports concepts such as nomadism, motley armies and makeshift solutions. The town also takes elements from the Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Akkadian mythologies. Official VCMI Forum 1.1 french, chinese, german
Asphalt terrain Objects Assets for asphalt terrain. 1.2.5 chinese
New terrains pack Graphical Assets for stardust, fields of glory and ice cave terrain. 1.5.2 chinese
Heavenly Forge 2000 Town The Forgest of all Forges for VCMI - Updated Forge town combined out of various assets made by the Heroes of Might & Magic modding community. 2.3.3 german, chinese
Antagarich Burning - map assets Expansion Assets for a set of maps featuring Forge. 1.2.6 chinese
Antagarich Burning - maps Expansion A series of maps telling the story of the rise of Kastore's Heavenly Forge empire and its conquests. 1.4
warzyw-templates Templates A batch of highly alternative random map templates.
With time more templates will be converted to VCMI.
Wyrmsun Boats & Other For Maps Objects This is base of 21 configured boats that can be used in custom maps or attached to any faction (see HotA mod for reference) 0.0.2 chinese
Ensrick's Portrait Pack Graphical Replaces portraits for heroes. Used a combination of Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2 and my own GIMP edits. 1.1
Morn's Battlefields Graphical Morn's battlefield graphics ported to VCMI 1.1
Towns new views Graphical Now some town's adventure map sprites have graphics connected to the terrains on which they stand. 1.04
Invisible Man Creatures New unit - Invisible Man 1.1 chinese
Campaings pack Other Pack of customs campaigns downloaded from internet. WoG nd Hota campaigns can be unplayable due to lack of features implementation. 1.0.1
Dydzio's map pack Maps Tons of H3 maps gathered by Dydzio. 1.0.2
HoMM3 Campaigns remade Other Heroes of Might and Magic III Re-make of original Campaigns projects.

Available campaigns: Dragon Slayer, Armageddon's Blade, Long Live the Queen, Dungeons and Devils, Spoils of War.

Start the game, select New Game -> New Campaign -> The Restoration of Erathia/Armageddon's Blade and choose desired campaign.

Do not run the map from 'Custom' option as it will break some rules of the game.
ZEfix Other Mod aimed at correcting the shortcomings of the units created during the creation of polish H3 editions, notably the Polish Gold Edition and polish GOG version. It is based on the Hellburn patch 1.1.2
New Adventure map spells Spells Mod adds 24 new adventure spells. Mod can be used also as tutorial how to create your own spell! 0.2 chinese
New Upgrades Mod Mechanics In every nine standard H3 town, you have opportunity to upgrade creatures once more. Mod is based at ERA's Third Upgrades Mod v2.17.0. Compatibility patches with Tides of War and HotA Conflux changes will be added later. 1.0.2
PAH3 Singleplayer Tournament Other Submods required for each map in each season of the tournament and starting saves.
More info in the pinned messages on this channel: on the vcmi Discord server:
and in Polish in this thread in the Behemoth's Lair:
Mighty Heroes III Maps Mighty Heroes III is a inofficial map pack for HoMM3 sold in germany. It contains over 350 maps (english & german). The quality of the maps varies. 1.0.1
Erathian font [read description!] Graphical Very hard to read. Not recommend for non erathians, only for hardcore fans. Font of Erathian language in the universe of (Heroes of) Might and Magic game series. 2.1
Kartenarchiv Maps Kartenarchiv is a map pack for HoMM3 based on maps. Most of the maps are german. 1.0.0
Vampires only gameplay enhancements Mechanics Gameplay enhancements for vampires only play mode. Disables Necromancy skill and related artifacts. All necropolis heroes start with 1 skeleton. 0.1.0
Farriery Town Town Farriery based on old Forge project. Connected with Spoiled Land inside New Terrains Pack submods (see Screenshots TAB). 2.0.3 chinese
Crossroads of Worlds Expansion Variations of the Castle from different timelines 1.0.1
AI loading screens Interface Artworks for loading and scenario choice screens generated with Dall-E 3 and edited by Andruids. Additional higher resolutions for main menu background are available in submods. 1.1.1
H3Evo Expansion Expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic III. How to describe H3Evo in current state? It is like playing HoTA, + 1 alternative unit per faction (ToW), + WoG neutrals, + WoG Graphical fixes, + various small additions and ballance changes. 0.0.14
Small ERA II mods Graphical VCMI ports of various ERA II mods. Click at any submod to get more info in description window 1.1
Flugels - New Neutral Creature Creatures A new neutral creature based on No Game No Life's Flugel race. Also my first H3 creature ever. Credit for the model goes to codealdnoah. 0.9.1 chinese
Extreme AI AI Overwhelming AI settings, that give huge starting resources boost on every difficulty and increasing amount of cheats on 2nd and later difficulty. Probably not something you want to enable if playing VCMI for first time. 1.0
Map objects Objects New adventure map objects. 1.0.0 chinese
Invite hero Expansion Possibility to invite hero in the tavern 1.0
Simple Game Balance Balance Improves some skills, spells and creatures that are too weak in the original game, to increase the amount of useful options. This mod does not nerf anything. Check sub-mods description for more details on each change. 1.0.0