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**For iOS installation look here: (Installation on iOS)[]

Step 1: Download and install VCMI

If the app doesn't open, right-click the app bundle - select Open menu item - press Open button.

Please report about gameplay problem on forums: Help & Bugs Make sure to specify what hardware and macOS version you use.

Step 2: Installing Heroes III data files

Step 2.a: Installing data files with GOG offline installer

If you bought HoMM3 on GOG, you can download the files directly from the browser and install them in the launcher. Select the .exe file first, then the .bin file. This may take a few seconds. Please be patient.

Step 2.b: Installing by the classic way

  1. Find a way to unpack Windows Heroes III or GOG installer. For example, use vcmibuilder script inside app bundle or install the game with CrossOver or Wineskin.
  2. Place or symlink Data, Maps and Mp3 directories from Heroes III to:~/Library/Application\ Support/vcmi/