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Cheat Codes

Similar to H3, VCMI provides cheat codes to make testing game more convenient.

To use cheat code, press Tab key or click/tap on status bar to open game chat and enter code. Most cheat codes have several alternative names, including name of this cheat code in H3:SoD

List of Cheat Codes


nwcthereisnospoon or vcmiistari or vcmispells - give a spell book, all spells and 999 mana to currently selected hero


nwctrinity or vcmiainur or vcmiarchangel - give 5 Archangels in every empty slot (to currently selected hero)
nwcagents or vcmiangband or vcmiblackknight - give 10 black knight in every empty slot
vcmiglaurung or vcmicrystal - give 5000 crystal dragons in every empty slot
vcmiazure - give 5000 azure dragons in every empty slot
vcmifaerie - give 5000 faerie dragons in every empty slot

Alternative usage: vcmiarmy <creatureID> <amount> Gives specific creature in every slot, with optional amount. Examples: vcmiarmy imp - give 5, 50, 500... 500k imps in every free slot vcmiarmy grandElf 100 - gives 100 grand elves in every free slot

Town buildings

nwczion or vcmiarmenelos or vcmibuild - build all buildings in currently selected town


nwclotsofguns or vcminoldor or vcmimachines - give ballista, ammo cart and first aid tent
vcmiforgeofnoldorking or vcmiartifacts - give all artifacts, except spell book, spell scrolls and war machines. Artifacts added via mods included

Movement points

nwcnebuchadnezzar or vcminahar or vcmimove - give unlimited (or specified amount of) movement points and free ship boarding Alternative usage: vcmimove <amount> - gives specified amount of movement points


nwctheconstruct or vcmiformenos or vcmiresources - give resources (100000 gold, 100 of wood, ore and rare resources)
Alternative usage: vcmiresources <amount> - gives specified amount of all resources and x1000 of gold

Fog of War

nwcwhatisthematrix or vcmieagles or vcmimap - reveal Fog of War
nwcignoranceisbliss or vcmiungoliant or vcmihidemap - conceal Fog of War


nwcneo or vcmiglorfindel or vcmilevel - advances currently selected hero to the next level Alternative usage: vcmilevel <amount> - advances hero by specified number of levels

  • vcmiolorin or vcmiexp - gives selected hero 10000 experience Alternative usage: vcmiexp <amount> - gives selected hero specified amount of experience

Luck and morale

nwcfollowthewhiterabbit or vcmiluck - the currently selected hero permanently gains maximum luck nwcmorpheus or vcmimorale - the currently selected hero permanently gains maximum morale

Puzzle map

nwcoracle or vcmiobelisk - reveals the puzzle map

Finishing the game

nwcredpill or vcmisilmaril or vcmiwin - player wins nwcbluepill or vcmimelkor or vcmilose - player loses


nwctheone or vcmigod - reveals the whole map, gives 5 archangels in each empty slot, unlimited movement points and permanent flight

Using cheat codes on other players

By default, all cheat codes apply to current player. Alternatively, it is possible to specify player that you want to target:

  • Specific players: red/blue/green...
  • Only AI players: ai
  • All players: all


vcmieagles blue - reveal FoW only for blue player
vcmieagles ai - reveal FoW only for AI players
vcmieagles all - reveal FoW for all players on map
vcminahar ai - give 1000000 movement points to each hero of every AI player

Multiplayer chat commands

Note: These commands are not a cheats, and can be used in multiplayer by host player to control the session

  • game exit/quit/end - finish the game
  • game save <filename> - save the game into the specified file
  • game kick red/blue/tan/green/orange/purple/teal/pink - kick player of specified color from the game
  • game kick 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 - kick player of specified ID from the game (zero indexed!) (0: red, 1: blue, tan: 2, green: 3, orange: 4, purple: 5, teal: 6, pink: 7)

Client Commands

Client commands are set of predefined commands that are supported by VCMI, but unlike cheats they perform utility actions that do not alter state of the gameplay. As of release 1.2 client commands can work by typing them in-game like cheats, preceded by symbol / (for example /controlai blue)

Alternative way, the only one working for older releases is typing them in console: Console is separated from game window on desktop versions of VCMI Client. Windows builds of VCMI run separate console window by default, on other platforms you can access it by running VCMI Client from command line.

Below a list of supported commands, with their arguments wrapped in <>

Game Commands

die, fool - quits game
save <filename> - saves game in given file (at the moment doesn't work)
mp - on adventure map with a hero selected, shows heroes current movement points, max movement points on land and on water
bonuses - shows bonuses of currently selected adventure map object

Extract commands

translate - save game texts into json files
translate maps - save map and campaign texts into json files
get config - save game objects data into json files
get scripts - dumps lua script stuff into files (currently inactive due to scripting disabled for default builds)
get txt - save game texts into .txt files matching original heroes 3 files
def2bmp <.def file name> - extract .def animation as BMP files
extract <relative file path> - export file into directory used by other extraction commands

AI commands

setBattleAI <ai name> - change battle AI used by neutral creatures to the one specified, persists through game quit
gosolo - AI takes over until the end of turn (unlike original H3 currently causes AI to take over until typed again)
controlai <[red][blue][tan][green][orange][purple][teal][pink]> - gives you control over specified AI player. If none is specified gives you control over all AI players
autoskip - Toggles autoskip mode on and off. In this mode, player turns are automatically skipped and only AI moves. However, GUI is still present and allows to observe AI moves. After this option is activated, you need to end first turn manually. Press [Shift] before your turn starts to not skip it


set <command> <on/off> - sets special temporary settings that reset on game quit. Below some of the most notable commands:
-autoskip - identical to autoskip option
-onlyAI - run without human player, all players will be default AI
-headless - run without GUI, implies onlyAI is set
-showGrid - display a square grid overlay on top of adventure map
-showBlocked - show blocked tiles on map
-showVisitable - show visitable tiles on map
-hideSystemMessages - suppress server messages in chat

Developer Commands

crash - force a game crash. It is sometimes useful to generate memory dump file in certain situations, for example game freeze
gui - displays tree view of currently present VCMI common GUI elements
activate <0/1/2> - activate game windows (no current use, apparently broken long ago)
redraw - force full graphical redraw
screen - show value of screenBuf variable, which prints "screen" when adventure map has current focus, "screen2" otherwise, and dumps values of both screen surfaces to .bmp files
not dialog - set the state indicating if dialog box is active to "no"
tell hs <hero ID> <artifact slot ID> - write what artifact is present on artifact slot with specified ID for hero with specified ID. (must be called during gameplay)