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Tides of War


In every nine standard H3 town, you have oppurtunity to build one dwelling for altenative creature.




Tides of War

ToW Skills

ToW Heroes


Name Biography Gender Image Specialty
Charles For many years, Sir Charles had trained Paladins in Steadwick, but gave up being a tutor and started his career as a Dragon Hunter in Jadame. However, when the war had come, he came back to Erathia and began fighting for Morgan Kendal as a commander. male Templars
Gwenneth Gwenneth served Roland Ironfist during the Succession Wars as a Knight. When she arrived at Erathia in search for adventures, she discovered her new vocation. Now everyone knows Gwenneth as a great Cleric. female Air Shield
Eurydis By cutting down trees in the north of Steadwick, monsters of Deyja awakened the Forest's spirits. Eurydis miraculously avoided death and, with other Dryads, fled to AvLee. Here she gathered an army to avenge her murdered sisters. female Dryads
Ghuri Ghuri spent majority of his life looking after trees in Tularean Forest. In return, the trees have taught him their powerful Forest Magic. male Bind
Verstan Verstan has been fascinated by constructing Golems since childhood. His inquisitiveness and challenging questions often perplexed even the best constructors. Not much time has past before Gavin Magnus himself noticed Verstan's potential and ordered him constructing new kinds of Golems, based on the accomplishments of the Red Dwarves. male Drake Golems
Odetta Even though Odetta's sight is good as new, she managed to improve it with a mixture of magic and technology. Now she is able to see even at the longest distances, which made her one of the best choices as a commander. female Precision
Eyzea Eyzea presents herself as the real mother of Xeron, commander of the Sons of Erebus. When Eeofol lost the War of Armageddon's Blade, she had to hide underground, fearing for her life. Now she awaits the moment to return to the surface and lead the Kreegan army to their final victory. female Succubi
Kreevion Rumor has it that Kreevion was born of pure wrath of Demons mourning the death of Lucifer Kreegan. Despite it most certainly being just a tale, this idea alone causes his subordinates to fear him. male Frenzy
Yaverr When Kastore came to the throne of Deyja, many Undeads, as yet hiding in shadows, blatantly opposed the new authority. Yaverr, once hunting Harmondale's peasants alone, happened to be a very talented commander among the rebels. male Werewolves
Zam After Archibald Ironfist lost the Succession Wars, Zam decided to leave Enroth and settle down for good in Erathia. Hiding for years in his laboratory, by coincidence he heard the news about dethroning the old ruler of Deyja. Disappointed by unconventional methods of the new King, Zam has quickly withdrawn allegiance to him. male Vampirism
Galuum Many say that Galuum was once a slave trader, who, due to an ancient ritual, became a monster, but also a very powerful Warlock. No one, however, can prove these rumors. No matter if this legend is true, Galuum is a very talented leader, who frightens his enemies with not only his appearance, but also his skills. male Illithids
Collivea When young Collivea joined the forces of Nighon, Warlocks were amazed to find out that she's resistant to the look of a Medusa. That settled her career as an Overlord. female Medusas
Daxaroth Daxaroth was Dragon Queen Mutare's right paw. Some suspect that Mutare's death was really Daxaroth's plot to gain power. Nevertheless, Dragons listen to him as if he is their new King. male Wide Breath
Ergon After taking the throne of Krewlod, Kilgor brought Ergon to quell the rebellion of the Ogres who were still loyal to Winston Boragus, even after his death. Needless to say, the veteran of Succession Wars did his job very effectively by raiding the unruly tribes with his exotic beasts. male Couatls
Tartarr Tartarr was born in poor Ogre family, but has always dreamed about conquests. She has become a soldier of fortune at the age of fourteen because of her adult look and stubbornness. This bullish Ogress often gets all that she wants due to her talents in defense magic. female Shield
Shroo No one really knows how long Trolls live. Rumor has it that Shroo remember the days of the Revolt of the Beastmasters. No one though has been brave enough to ask her about it. female Troll Hags
Thyroc Not everyone mourned King Tralossk after his death. Thyroc's old friend from war, Prince Wystan, contributed to his promotion in Tatalian Army after taking power. male Hydras
Irrigus Irrigus have never felt loyal to the Triton Empire, which occupies the whole Endless Ocean. Because of that, he gladly serves the Masters of the Elements after he felt called to the Conflux. male Tritons
Hokori As a Priestess of the Temple of Baa, Hokori left Enroth and settled down in Erathia in order to spread her faith. Here she had an epiphany caused by the Conflux and thus she abandoned her religion so that she could stay among the Elementals. female Aura of Power

HotA balance compatibility patch

ToW Adventure Map Objects

ToW Menu

ToW Neutral Creatures


Name Image Level Attack Defense Damage Speed HitPoints Growth AiValue
Mermaid 4 8 12 6 - 9 5 30 5 459
Demilich 6 15 11 15 - 20 11 75 2 1396
Ghost 5 12 7 8 - 10 7 20 3 1248
Dread Skipper 3 8 8 4 - 5 6 25 7 311

ToW Alternative Creatures


Name Image Level Attack Defense Damage Speed HitPoints Growth AiValue
Templar 7 15 15 25 - 45 5 175 2 3698
Paladin 7 20 25 25 - 45 7 225 2 6925
Dryad 4 8 12 7 - 9 6 35 4 648
Oak Dryad 4 9 13 8 - 9 8 35 4 668
Drake Golem 7 16 19 40 - 50 9 200 1 3950
Dragon Golem 7 18 25 40 - 50 15 300 1 2950
Succubus 4 12 7 5 - 8 7 25 4 490
Lilim 4 12 9 5 - 10 11 30 4 623
Werewolf 4 11 9 6 - 11 5 30 5 522
Dire Werewolf 4 11 10 6 - 11 7 30 5 576
Illithid 5 14 9 11 - 16 5 30 3 789
Alhoon 5 14 9 13 - 16 6 30 3 818
Couatl 6 16 11 12 - 18 10 75 2 1343
Quetzalcouatl 6 18 11 18 - 24 14 85 2 1829
Troll Hag 5 12 13 10 - 14 6 45 3 896
Troll Witch 5 14 14 12 - 14 7 45 3 1009
Triton 3 10 6 2 - 5 6 25 6 297
Abyssal Triton 3 10 7 4 - 5 8 25 6 354


Name Description Schools Image
Trawl water
Symbiosis with Trees
Symbiosis with Trees
Hell Spikes earth

ToW Artifacts


Name Description Slot Image
Fireball Wand {Fireball Wand}

Adds Fireball Wand spell to spellbook. Use it to cast Fireball spell for free.
Ice Bolt Wand {Ice Bolt}

Adds Ice Bolt Wand spell to spellbook. Use it to cast Ice Bolt spell for free.
Shield Wand {Shield Wand}

Adds Shield Wand spell to spellbook. Use it to cast Shield spell for free.
Minor Phylactery {Minor Phylactery}

Summons scary Demiliches to help you in the battlefield.
Major Phylactery {Major Phylactery}

Summons scary Demiliches to help you in the battlefield.
Supreme Phylactery {Supreme Phylactery}

Summons scary Demiliches to help you in the battlefield.
Relic Phylactery {Relic Phylactery}

Summons scary Demiliches to help you in the battlefield.
Shield of the Ancients {Shield of the Ancients}

Increases hero's spellpower skill by +12 and casts Aura of Power at the beginning of every turn.
Binoculars {Binoculars}

Hero is under Vision spell and gains +4 sight radius.
Third Eye {Third Eye}

Gives heroes a chance to learn 5th level spells cast by enemy spellcasters in battles and decreases amount of enemy's creatures available spells by 1.

ToW Banks

ToW Spells


Name Description Schools Image
Vampirism {Basic Vampirism}

Friendly unit becomes undead and drains 30% of damage dealt to the enemy.
Bind earth
Divine Arrows {Basic Divine Arrows}

Chosen shooting stack will be granted 4 additional shots and an ability to penetrate walls for four rounds.
Intervention {Basic Intervention}

Resurrects all living creatures on the battlefield. HP of resurrected units equals 25*spellpower +25.
Aura of Power {Basic Aura of Power}

Increases power of all damage spells by 10% to the end of the battle.
Fireball Wand fire
Ice Bolt Wand water
Shield Wand earth
Ghost earth
Summon Demilich air
Summon Demilich air
Summon Demilich air
Summon Demilich air